Saturday, September 26, 2009

Topps Ticket to Stardom Pack Rip

Picked up a couple of 2009 Topps Ticket to Stardom today, just to see what they are all about. Here's what we got.

Base cards are pretty simple, clean design. They feature the players in mostly action photos with the backgrounds lightly faded and some portion of the player breaking the border for a slight 3d appearance. The cards all have some sort of UPC looking bar on them to give them a ticket look.

At least one card per pack also has a diecut serrated upper and lower edge to further play up the ticket aspect. We got a Joba Chamberlain insert done in a different ticket style. You can see how it compares to the base card which is directly below it.
If you look closely you can see the serrated edge on the Papelbon and Francouer cards.

Out of two packs the Hanley card is the only one that Nobie needs for his favorite players binder.

Each box I think has 3 hits, and we got one! Nick Swisher auto/relic. I really like the look of this card unlike the dual swatch/autos I have seen that plaster the swatches on top of the player photo. Nobie was very excited to have pulled this from a pack even if it is a Yankee.
All in all these seem like pretty neat cards and I'm sure we'll pick up a few more here and there. At 12 cards per pack they are a pretty decent deal compared to other hobby offerings. We'll be keeping the Hanley, interest in anything else, let us know. Later.


  1. I haven't seen these anywhere yet.They are a clean,diferent design.I would be interested in the Kerry Wood and both Chamberlains.(the Yankees are for my sample collection).I would also be interested in a wrapper if you have one left,please! I've been trying to get some cards together for you.Something for everyone.I'll get those out next week. Thanks!

  2. Baseball Dad... gotcha down. They'll be on their way.