Thursday, January 21, 2010

2010 Topps - First Pack of the Season is a Good Sign!

Well, I'm definitely not the first person to post about 2010 Topps being live, but I figure I might as well put my 2 cents in anyway. I checked the nearest Target last night, but they didn't have any. Today I called a few more and what do you know, the one closest to my work had them. (Brian, the Target on Marsh, near Love Field has them.) I grabbed 6 packs and, of course, had to open the first right away in the parking lot. The other 5 were supposed to be for Nobie to open, but he got in trouble at school, so he has to wait until tomorrow. Anyway, I'm not really a superstitious guy, but maybe I should be after opening this first pack of the season. Let's see what we got.

Woo Hoo! First card of the first pack of the season and we pull a Ranger. That right there means they'll win the pennant at least, I just know it. What else can it mean? I like Chris Davis a lot, I just hope he has a better year than he did last year. Not sure if I've ever seen anyone wearing eye black and sunglasses before. Maybe I just don't pay enough attention.

Here are the rest of the base cards in the pack. I know many people out there don't particularly care for this year's design, but I like it a lot. The only small gripe I have is that the team names seem a little too large in some cases, I think just using the logos would have been better.

We got a couple of inserts as well, including one of current Rangers President Nolan Ryan. Another Ranger! That's got to mean a trip to the World Series right? Two current Rangers in the first pack of the season, what's the deal? I like the Toppstown cards better this year than last, though they don't have the large team logos in the background like I remember on the previews. Which brings us to the last card of the pack. (It wasn't really last, but I had to add a little drama.)

What the heck? Another Ranger? Yes, sir. Turkey Red Ian Kinsler means the Rangers will for sure win the World Series this year. I'm not sure I should open anymore packs this season, I don't want to jinx them after all. I know Brian will back me up when I say this is a great start to what will hopefully be a great season for the Rangers. Good luck to the rest of you cheering for your favorite teams, but watch out for Texas! Opening day can't get here soon enough. Later.


  1. That was a sweet pack! You should definitely stop with that one...ha! I'll send you the rest of the Rangers when I get them. Just kidding, but if you keep up that luck, I can't wait to see what Rangers hits Nobie pulls. Tell him to be good!

  2. Nice pack. Gotta love the Rangers pulls.

  3. I like that design. And pulling your players is never a bad thing.

    I'm still holding out for Heritage though.