Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Something Wicked This Way Comes.

When you get a yellow bubble mailer from South Florida in your mailbox, you know it's gonna be good and this was no exception. Wicked sent my a nice package recently that was a total surprise because I had forgotten all about the card he had posted for trade. What makes the whole thing great is, not only did he send the requested card, he threw in a ton more. Check 'em out.

This gold Fleer Ultra Pujols was the only card I had inquired about getting a hold of, I needed it for my PC. The Elway was thrown in as a bonus and any Elway is always a bonus in my opinion. That's not all though. Apparently, Wicked needed to clean out some basketball, and to that I say, "Bring it on!"

First up, we've got Hakeem the Dream. Notice on the Skybox he was still going by Akeem. I used to know why he changed it, but I've forgotten. Anyway, Hakeem has always been a favorite of mine ever since his Phi Slamma Jamma days. The first pair of basketball shoes I ever bought with my own money were a pair of Pro Keds that I had seen him wearing in Sports Illustrated. My parents had already bought my basketball shoes for the year, but when I saw them on Hakeem I just had to have a pair for myself.

Next up is Cheryl's little brother Reggie. I lived in Indianapolis during my high school years when Reggie was drafted. I watched him play many times at Market Square Arena and I even had a life-size growth chart poster of him in my room that I got at a game. The Pacers as a result are my official 2nd favorite team behind the Mavs.

Detlef Schrempf was drafted by the Mavericks, then was traded to the Pacers and later to the Sonics. I think he ended his career with some spare franchise up in Portland (sorry Guy and TJ).

The Mailman. I always had a love/hate relationship with Karl Malone. I loved him as long as he wasn't beating up on the Mavs, in which case I hated him. That must be the Pony Express version of the Mailman on that middle card. I wonder if he had an extra tall horse to ride.

Finally, Wicked sent a nice mish mash of Mavericks. Love the old school Skybox cards. Man, I wish Fleer & Skybox were still around. Heck, I guess next year I'll be wishing Upper Deck & Topps were still around, at least when it come to basketball cards. Other than Dirk, Roy Tarpley was probably the greatest talent to ever put on a Mavericks uniform, too bad he couldn't keep his life off the court in order. Thanks for the cards Wicked, very nice surprise. Later.

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