Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Breaking News! Albert Pujols Traded!

That's right folks, an unprecedented trade went down recently involving not only two players, but two different sports. Arguably the biggest doucher... uh, I mean best basketball player in the world, Kobe Bryant...

switched collections with this guy, Albert Pujols, unquestionably the best player in baseball. (My blog, my opinion!) From everything I've ever heard of Albert he is definitly not a doucher. Considering I can't stand Kobe, I'm very happy with this deal and think Albert will fit in here quite nicely.

Also included in the trade were these other baseball players. I'm not sure what that Tony Gwynn card is. It reminds me of the large educational animal cards we used to get as kids from some mail subscription thing. I really like the Hamilton Sweet Spot, even though he is wearing the ridiculous flap hat. I remember the Rangers wearing those things in Detroit last season and the temperature was like in the mid 40's. It should be a lot colder before you resort to those things, though I guess being from Texas the Rangers are somewhat wussy when it comes to cold.

Making this a three sport deal, we had a few Cowboys and a Bronco thrown in for good measure. If you haven't done so already, head on over to Waxaholic and enter the playoff contest.

Wrapping up the deal was a whole slew of basketball faves including an Olympic Dream, a diving Jet, Superman (sorry Shaq, he actually has a cape) and a Josh Howard card, that I know I can design better. I proved it a few weeks ago, remember?

Anyway, that about wraps up this deal of the decade. This deal was courtesy of Ray from Shot Not Taken. I apologize to everyone for the deception in my post title. I can't afford to be losing readers already and since Thorzul hates to read boring trade posts, I had to try and sucker him (and hopefully a few more) in. Did it work? Later.


  1. Hey D, been wondering if you were on extended vacation. Glad to see you're still working through the USPS. Hope your family had a Merry Christmas and is doing well in 2010!

  2. It sucked me in... I've used similar tactics in the past... Nice trade

  3. Looks like the Gwynn is a Leaf Sportscaster card from the mid-2000s. It's a low-numbered retro-type insert set, based on the design of a set of the same name from back in the day. Marie sent me one back when I was new to the bloggin' thing, and it remains one of my favourite cards of my entire collection.