Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Secret Santa Time!

Well, I suppose it is my turn to reveal what I got from my Secret Santa. Sarah from A Rookie (baseball) Card Collector was kind enough to put the whole thing together. I don't know for sure who my Secret Santa was, but I do have a pretty good idea. I just want to thank whoever it was for sending a great package with a little something for everyone in the family. On with the reveal.

Inside the larger box we had several small wrapped packages and a Christmas card wishing us "Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Festivus for the rest of us! Happy Holidays from the ghost writer of your card blogging Secret Santa - bwaaahahahaaa!" Sounds kind of evil with the handwritten laugh on the end and since it was written by a ghost writer our handwriting analysis would be of no help!

Here are some of the miscellaneous items included: a 1987 Broncos schedule featuring John Elway, a 2009 Cubs schedule, an empty 1997 Donruss Preferred tin featuring Sammy Sosa, a 1993 NBA All-Star Collector set of UD cards and a nice little baseball player key chain for Mrs. Big D.

Goose received a nice little assortment of LTs. Too bad the Frogs couldn't pull off the victory the other night.

I got a classic old school Ro Blackman. Don't you just love the old days when the compression shorts were longer than the actual uniform shorts?

Check it out, our first hit! Baby Peas got an on the card auto of David Murphy! David is now, I guess, her only favorite Ranger as Marlon Byrd ended up signing with the Cubs recently. Bummer, he'll be missed here, though since the Cubs come to town this year Peas will get a chance to see Marlon in person again soon.

For Nobie Santa sent a nice mix of Peavys, Vlads, Berkmans and other assorted Cubs. Nobie of course is cool with Byrd switching teams since he now just happens to play for his other favorite team. How convenient.

Santa know I like catchers so we got some. Love the Gary Carter card with the dust flying. I miss the Expos and their funky tri-color caps.

Sweet! Second hit of the box. A triple bat relic of Barry Larkin, Michael Young and BJ Upton. If I could I'd cut it in three parts and send Barry to Nachos Grande and BJ to the Troll. That probably would decrease the value/look of the overall card though, so I guess I'll keep the whole thing.

Gotta give the old school players some love. All these guys played for the Padres at some point except for Palmer. Man I wish the Orioles would bring the cartoon bird back. That toon bird swinging the bat in a circle logo is probably my all time favorite of any team.

Modern players we love to collect. I like the Ichiro out of uniform card. I wonder where he went for dinner that night all dressed up like that. Think he had to pay for his own dinner?

Last, but not least Elways!! I already had a couple of these, but its the thought that counts, so thanks a lot Santa! I really dig the Ionix card and the one with the contest winner drawing is cute, but I don't remember the Broncos wearing any striped jerseys like that. Man, do a little research kid! Just kidding. Isn't it funny though how things look sometimes through the eyes of a kid. Anyway, that's what Santa sent. Sorry it took me awhile to get it posted. Thanks again Secret Santa and tell Mrs. Secret Santa to chill with the "bwaaahahahaaa"s on the Christmas cards. It's kinda creepy. Later.


  1. If the Broncos wore Gansta pinstripes I might acutally watch football someday... Should you decide to slice that card in thirds, I will gladly accept the BJ... I do wonder, were you waiting to see if Barry made it to the Hall before you posted that one? Happy New Year to ya Big D!

  2. OOh, nice Larkin card! (You knew I'd say that though, didn't you?)