Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I Think I Can Do Better - Entry 2

Welcome to entry number 2 of the ongoing series, I Think I Can Do Better. My challenge this time was to once again "fix" a generic Donini design. This is what I chose to work with. 2009-2010 Donruss Elite Basketball. Here are the untouched cards.

I'm only going to work on the base cards. The Prime Target insert isn't half bad. It's kinda hard to tell in the scan, but the background is green not gray. The only real problem to me is the obvious space left for the relic piece on parallel versions. The top 4 base cards have the same problem as most of Panini's releases this year. Generic gray background and the players are again "Cut Off At The Junk". They did add a small amount of color on the back this time, so that's something I guess. Here's what I came up with...

I simply expanded Panini's own idea of using a team color on the side pillars for the back and did the same thing on the front. I decided that wasn't quite enough, however, and changed the dark gray top and bottom border to a more maroon/brownish color. I feel that these simple changes make the cards much more appealing. What do you think? I still wish the majority of Panini's cards didn't crop out the background.
Now for a bonus. Rather than just bashing what the card companies are doing and "fixing" what has already been done. I thought I would try my hand at creating my own custom cards from scratch. So get ready for the world debut of Big D Premium Basketball cards! First up, a little Nasty...

followed by a little Dirty.

Let the critiquing begin. Go ahead, I can take it! Later.


  1. Put me down for a hobby box of the Big D Premium.

    Seriously, I like the border on those.

    The Panini's look much better. Team personalization shouldn't be a big deal. I much prefer the cards to look like they're part of the larger team instead of the league as a whole.

    Very nice dude.

  2. Those are very, very sharp. I love how they pop more than a scan. (oh and I don't like basketball cards or basketball)