Monday, January 11, 2010

Baseball Needs More Color, Piazza Takes One In The Jewels And Bench Will "Catch Ya Later"

Goose is doing homework that is way to hard for me to help him with. Some sort of math that needs a graphing calculator in order to solve the problems. I never even owned a graphing calculator. So, since I'm not capable of helping my 8th grader with homework, I decided to write a post instead.

I got some cards from Night Owl recently, several of which were catchers, including this card of Terry Steinbach. Now I'm not a Terry Steinbach fan or an A's fan for that matter (except for Kurt of course) but I do like this card. The reason I like it is because of all the green. MLB teams, in my opinion, need more variety in their team colors. Too much blue, black and red.
Why don't the Rockies play up the purple more or the Marlins go back to the Teal? I think the Rays should tone down the navy in their new scheme and go with more light blue and yellow, it's Florida after all, they should be bright and "sunny". Who knows why the Blue Jays ever ditched their original look, but it was way better than the look they have now. They are the Blue Jays for crying out loud, not the Black Jays. One more thing when it comes to team colors. The world was a much better place when the Padres wore brown and yellow. You know its true.
Something else that's been bugging me the last couple of years is catchers helmets. Several years ago catchers began wearing the hockey type mask and even tricked them up with eye catching paint jobs, but lately they seem to all be generic. Check out the two masks above. It seems to me that most of the catchers wearing these types of mask, now have that paint job.
These two cards from several years ago aren't the most creative, but they do have custom paint. What happened? Did MLB outlaw eye catching paint jobs? Anyone know, or have I just been overlooking the fancier ones?

Here's Mike taking one for the team, at least that's what it looks like to me.

Good 'ol Johnny Bench. I used to love watching his show the Baseball Bunch and the commercials always make me look for Krylon paint to this day. My aunt got me an autographed Bench ball for my birthday in the 80's when he did a commercial for the bank she worked for, if I remember correctly. He signed it, "Catch ya later, Johnny Bench". The writing is barely legible now. I didn't have it in a proper holder for years and it was handled way too much as I had to show everyone that I had an autographed Johnny Bench ball. Oh well, at least I have it.

Well, I guess it's about time to wrap this one up. The wife is waiting on me to come watch Heroes. Here are some cards Night Owl sent for Nobie...

a bunch of Rangers...

and some of my favorites. I love the Garveys and only had one of them already, so they are a nice addition to my collection. Thanks for the trade Night Owl, hope I didn't bore anyone. I wonder if Thorzul will actually ever read one of my trade posts all the way through again? Actually, I wonder if he ever did. Later.


  1. First off, watch Chuck, not Heroes.

    Chuck...I nearly cried when the writer strike left that show hanging by a thread. Much better than Heroes though.

    The Bench story is classic. How many times did we get stuff as kids and completely wreck it? That's why I don't give the kids anything condition sensitive. They'll thank me later. Why weren't our parents more like that?

  2. check out the free agent signings this off season. then check last year's. you'll see that 41 catchers switched teams each year. some more than once. (I'm looking at you Ramon Castro)
    catchers can't have fancy paint jobs anymore. They switch teams too fast.

  3. G - Chuck is one of those shows I've never seen, but wish I would have jumped on board at the start. Maybe I'll check it out on DVD.

    CC - Makes a lot of sense. I guess I never really paid attention to just how many change teams so often. Still, I like the fancy masks.

  4. I like the fancy masks too...and dig that color scheme on Molina's chest protector?!

  5. I'm with you on teams all wearing the same colors. I always thought the A's stood out because they wore green.