Friday, August 13, 2010

Anyone Wanna See More Customs?

I'm not the best of writers when it comes to blogging. A lot of times I have trouble coming up with topics to write about. Sometimes it really feels like a chore to think of anything worthy to say and I wonder if anyone will read it anyway. I've managed to gather a decent sized group of followers and hopefully you guys aren't bored to death with most of my content. I'm hoping that if my writing isn't up to snuff, people will at least be interested in my customs enough to stop by every once in a while. So here's another batch. I'm on a football kick! Enjoy.

I think the Browns need to fully embrace the Bulldog logo. I can't stand when they just put their helmet on caps and things like Colt's shorts. The actual helmet is fine blank, just use the dog more everywhere else, okay?

I can't remember who exactly, but I know there is a fellow blogger out there who is a Bowe fan. This card's for you! Personally, I can't stand the Chiefs.

I don't really know why I made a Patrick Willis card. Just wanted to get some different colors and logos used I guess.

I really like how the colors turned out on this Chargers card. Now if they would go back to their old unis, I'd be happy. I don't mind the white helmet, but the shoulder stripes and number font are all wrong and I can't stand the sock tops being the same color as the pants. It looks like everyone is wearing skin tight capri pants these days, and they're not the only team at fault. Bring back contrasting striped socks please!! Later.


  1. Beardy's the Bowe fan.

    And damn, that Browns card looks good! I personally love the logo-less-ness, but only because I'm really weird. I wonder how a certain other Browns QB would look in that set hahaha.

  2. I'm not seeing a lot of love for my 'Boys.. how about a Marc Columbo or if you want a retro insert set, maybe a Larry Cole?

  3. Nice stuff once again. You keep bloogin' and i'll keep readin'.

  4. Nice. It's always nice to see some new customs, even though there were no
    Patriots. Don't give up the writing!

  5. Awesome looking cards. I wouldn't worry about the writing. You could have put gibberish up there with the images and I would have loved the post.

    I know how you feel about struggling to find topics. I haven't had much free time at all lately and that leads to a lack of topics. Combine that with a lack of new product purchases or anything of that manner and my blog has turned into a barren wasteland.