Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Does Anyone Actually Care About The Clippers?

In case you missed it (and I'm sure most of you did) the Clippers unveiled their new uniforms a few weeks ago. Who you ask? You know, that other team that plays in LA when the Lakers are out of town. I've always wondered who and why would anyone be a Clippers fan. I just don't get why their owner ever moved them there in the first place. It seems like they have no chance of ever being successful. Anyway, here are the new unis.

Nothing too special, though I do like the tweaks they made. What I've never liked is that they changed their colors and logo from their San Diego days. I actually have a tiny soft spot for the team, since they once hailed from my birthplace. I would really like to see them move back and revert to the old colors of orange and light blue. Maybe something like this...

or even this...

either way, they need to get out of LA. Maybe they should change their colors to green and gold and their name to the Sonics. I'll bet Seattle would love to have them! Later.


  1. I live in Los Angeles and I didn't even know they changed their uniforms. It's an improvement. They should have done this a long time ago, although it should have been done with a different color scheme, maybe switch the blue or red with black. It would have given them a new 'feel'.

    They'll never succeed with Donald T Sterling as the owner, especially while in the Lakers shadow. They should at least wear some trendy uniform that can be worn in public.

  2. Wow, I love those blue jerseys in the last photo. They're really cool.

    The comment about Sterling is completely right. He is one of the worst owners in pro sports, but there is some talent on the Clippers squad right now. Of course, how many time in the past has that been said about the Clippers. Will they stay healthy for long enough to make a run to the playoffs? They have the talent to be an 8th or even 7th seed, but will it all come together long enough?

  3. Charles - Blake Griffin, Eric Gordon and Baron Davis, they should be OK, right>?

  4. I can't even tell what's different about those jerseys. I do like your idea about moving them to Seattle. The Blazers need their natural rivals back.

  5. I don't understand how a team with so much talent can be so bad. Maybe Griffin will help give them a chance.