Thursday, August 5, 2010

Catcher Quotes.

"Hey, you want a knuckle sandwich?"

"Streaker! Streaker!"

"Check it out. I'm doin' the worm!"

"Dude, check out my muskateer beard. I totally drew it myself!"

"Why won't mom buy me my own gear. I hate wearin' my sister's stuff!"

"Man, why do I have to wear all this crap when I'm playin' left field?"

"Here boy, here boy! Come get the ball."

"Yeah, well I got a 7ft purple dinosaur that says this is our field, so take a hike!"

Thanks to Nico from Nr Mt for the cards. Later.


  1. These are great. Too bad you forgot to mention that Ryan Doumit's dog was so excited to get the ball that it ran into him, sending Doumit to yet another DL stint...