Monday, August 23, 2010

I Got My Wife Cards For Her Birthday And Lived To Tell About It!

Yes, you read that right. My wife didn't get me cards for my birthday, I got her some cards for hers. Granted that wasn't all she got. He main gift was a few months ago when she got her new laser eyes (Lasik). I wanted to get her something to actually open on her birthday though so along with a new CJ Wilson Rangers shirt (he's her favorite), I picked up these two cards.

This is a cool Superstar Celebrations card from 2010 Topps Opening Day commemorating Michael Young's walk off home run last year. This same photo was used for the Jr. Rangers banner they gave out this year which proudly hangs front and center in Baby Peas' room.

I also got my wife her first autographed card. This one is of CJ Wilson from Topps 2009 set. She isn't a card collector really (she'd probably never actually buy one herself), but she tolerates my and the kids' hobby. She is a school teacher and has a little Rangers display on her desk of a few cards and a Hamilton bobblehead, so these should fit in nicely. I must say, it's nice to have a wife that you can enjoy your love of sports with. If you don't have one already, getcha one! Later.


  1. Super cool D! My wife gets sleepy when I mention the Rangers...

  2. That is too cool! My wife would think I had seriously suffered some kind of head wound if I tried to give her any cards.

  3. Yeah I have that card, It was part of my first buy. It's a nice card.