Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Legends of the Fall: Futures - A New Big D Customs Set

Well, football season is upon us. The Cowboys kick-off the season in the Hall of Fame game this weekend and Goose has just started his freshman football camp this week. Usually, I'm totally gung-ho for football by now as the Rangers are usually out of contention, but it looks like we'll most likely have meaningful baseball around here for at least a couple more months. That didn't keep me from whipping up a new batch of football cards, though. This set features a few dudes that I think have future "Legend" potential. That, of course, is always debatable but hey, it's my set so I can put whoever I want in it right? Check 'em out!

Drew got himself a Super Bowl ring last season. That always helps on your way to becoming a legend.

Brian's pretty much a bad-ass, though he needs to stay healthy. We'll see how he does after missing basically all of last season.

If anyone is going to be bummed about Kurt Warner's retirement, it's this guy.

Jason is one of the best Tight Ends in the game and has the potential to be even better than the great Jay Novacek. Most games he seems to be Tony Romo's best friend. He saves his ass a lot.

As usual, let me know what y'all think. Later.


  1. Awesome looking cards. But when I read the title, I thought maybe you were going to have some Brad Pitt cards on display or something for a Hollywood set. Which I thought would be odd, to say the least.

    Legends of the Fall was a decent enough flick. But it makes much more sense that you made FOOTBALL cards...and not cards of said Brad Pitt.

    Man, I really have dropped out of American football, haven't I?

  2. Hahahaha you should definitely make a Legends of the Fall card of Brad Pitt with Anthony Hopkins by his side. Cause yeah...I own that movie on VHS...gift from my girlfriend's aunt lol.

    Seriously though, nice looking cards. I love the image on the Witten especially.

  3. Great looking set. The Brees is awesome! You never fail at making some sweet customs.

  4. Awesome dude..

    Let me know when your ready to hit some shops..