Wednesday, August 18, 2010

WTF? Has Topps Ever Been To An Actual Game?

A few days/weeks ago, whatever, Topps released this image of Tim Tebow from their new football set Topps Prime. It looks as though this may be a Stadium Club type release and is actually a pretty nice design for a base card.

What caught my eye however, was the piss poor photoshop job they did. Based on the yardlines, Tim is clearly headed for the endzone, right? Well, since when do the opposing teams stand in opposite end zones? Check it out. The Eagles are clearly lined up behind Tim as he heads down field. Not only that, but they are in green jerseys, which would make this a color on color game, which doesn't happen in the NFL. You'd think the people at Topps could fake a background image a little better or at least learn from past mistakes. The Tebow card immediately reminded me of another card in my collection.

Check out this Dirk rookie card. He's dunking the ball at one end and behind him are the scorers tables which, obviously, are normally located along the sidelines. The perspective is completely wrong as the lane at the other end is barely visible and the court seems to abruptly run right into the tables. Apparently Topps is just as half-assed in 2010 as they were in 1999. Later.


  1. Wow! Those are horrible examples of photo manipulation!

  2. Jesus..


    Im heading down to D.J's tomorrow for a box of 05 Bowman Heritage.

    We have to get together one of these days and pick apart his shop..