Monday, November 22, 2010

Gifts From Cardboard Heaven!

A couple weeks ago I was checking out Cameron's blog Cardboard Heaven and noticed he had pulled this beauty.

I sent him a note asking if it was available, which it was, so a few days later it arrived in the mail. It came so fast, in fact, it seemed like he must have already been sending it to me even before I asked. Maybe he has ESP. That wasn't all he sent though.

There were a couple of Cliff Lee's in the mix. Cliff had a great season for the Rangers and I'd like to see him resign here, but I doubt it will happen. If it does, I just hope the Rangers are smart about it and don't ruin other potential resignings in the near future.

Cameron also sent this nice gold Pudge. Too bad his in his damn pin stripped pajamas!

Here are some more current and recently former Rangers he also sent. Mitch Moreland was a very nice surprise, so I really appreciate the rookie chrome.

Besides Rangers we got some glory days Cowboys...

and some of the current guys, who definitely are not experiencing their glory days right now. Dez has been a great acquisition and they seem to have turned it around the last 2 weeks since Garrett has taken over, so hopefully the crapfest this season is behind them.

Thanks again for the cards, Cameron. I'll be sending you a batch of stuff soon. I'll see what kind of Ravens and whatnot I've got for you. I'll also send you this custom...
I think you'll like it. Later.


  1. Hey Big D...good to see you man! Is it Spring Training time yet!?

  2. Love that custom and glad you enjoyed the cards!