Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I Think I Can Do Better - Entry 3

Okay, so yesterday I said I could do better with Panini's Prestige design for this year so here we go! First, I want to show you some cards where I think the basic design works fine.

My one big complaint with this set this year is the logo upside the head of everyone. Here I don't mind it though because it's necessary to fit the player on the card. These 3 cards do show the player's head on top of the logo, but they also overlap the stripes on the right and make good use of all of the space. So these are good in my mind (though they could use some color!)

Here are some cards that I feel miss the mark. All the heads pretty much touch the logo again, but none of them overlap the stripes (or just barely). This leaves us with players that look crammed in the card or who are dribbling half a basketball like Vince. So what can I do that will make them look better? I'll show ya.

First, I moved the players to the right a little bit so that they overlap the stripes which also moved their heads away from the logo. I even allows Vince to dribble a whole ball! Second, I added a dash of color and presto! Much better, right? What do you think? Later.

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  1. I did this with last year's Studio basketball and was pretty happy with the results. Yes, there was no big blank space for autographs and relics, but the resulting base card looked much better. It made it even more frustrating. Panini does come up with some decent designs, but then they go and ruin them by carving out a big chunk of empty space that will be filled by nothing in 99% of the cards. How does that make any sense?