Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hey, B-ball bloggin' homies...

anyone know if Panini is planning on putting out a plain 'ol Panini Basketball release this year? I haven't personally seen anything about one and it was probably my favorite set of theirs last year. Just wonderin' if any of you have heard anything. Later.


  1. Hey Big D,

    From what I understand, Panini is not releasing a basic "Panini Basketball" product this year. I believe Prestige is the replacement or entry level basketball product. I'm actually a fan of Prestige. Some good stuff in there and fun for sure.

    Tracy over at The Knight's Lance would be the best person to ask however: Hope that helps and happy collecting!!!

  2. Funny, was wondering the same thing today. Maybe Donruss basketball is taking it's place?

  3. Charles, I kinda thought the same thing about Prestige maybe being the entry level product. I like it okay, but I miss the stickers and I would like more players per team represented. Prestige seems like a pretty small checklist to be a company's "flagship" brand. It's also a $1 dollar per pack more than plain Panini was last year. Bummer.