Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Custom Trade

A few weeks ago, I got a request from reader Eric for a couple custom cards. He had some photos he'd taken of Luke Hochevar who if I remember correctly was a high school buddy of his. Eric wanted to know if I could make a custom or two for him and I said sure.

The first card, as you can see, is of his days as an Omaha Royal.

The second card shows Luke in the big leagues along with Eric (I think and maybe his wife?). After I sent the cards off to Eric he sent us a thank you package full of goodies.

We got a stack of catchers...

some Cubs for Nobie...

American League Champion Rangers...

some Cowboys from when they were actually good...

and some NBA greats. Thanks for the cards Eric, glad you liked the customs. Later.


  1. That's quite a mix and it looks like it has a bit of something for everyone.

  2. As great as they look on the computer screen, they are even better in hand. Thanks again for making them for me. They are a great addition to my personal collection.