Thursday, March 24, 2011

He Could Have Been A Dodgeball God!

With the lockout in full effect for who knows how long, NFL players may be forced to find work elsewhere. Apparently, John Elway had that same concern back in the day. Check out this card I got in a package from Adam of Thoughts and Sox.

John appears to be warming up his throwing arm with a dodgeball (or maybe it’s actually a basketball?). Scary, isn’t it? Can you imagine the extreme pain you would feel as John pegs you in the thigh just below you tiny gym shorts or maybe upside your head? I think you’d literally be seeing stars and little birdies spinning around your noggin. I think John would have made a perfect dodgeball player with his cannon of an arm and his incredible scrambling abilities. He would have been awesome!

Along with this card, Adam sent several more Elways including these…

And these. Many of these are new to the collection and greatly appreciated.

Not only that, but he sent my first Elway poker chip. I think it's worth $200, at least that's what it's marked. Nice, huh?

Besides the Elways, I also got a couple of Dan Fouts cards to add to the collection. I think Dan could have been pretty good at dodgeball too and his beard makes him a little more menacing as well. Thanks for the great cards Adam. Later.

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  1. I had thought I already sent those to you long ago until I found them in a stack of something else recently. I'm glad they finally made it to you.