Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Heaven Sent.

Wow, another week since the last post. Where does all the time go? Since the wife is asleep early tonight and not using her laptop for teacher duties, I figured I'd steal it so that I can post and watch the Mavs at the same time. If my desktop was where I could post and watch tv at the same time, I might be more likely to post a little more regularly. Maybe I can get a few future posts done tonight, while I have this rare chance to multitask. This week's post features another package from Cameron at Cardboard Heaven.

First up is the Playmaker! This is a pretty cool card. I like the finish of these cards, not really shiny, but not dull either. It reminds me of stainless steel. I also think it's cool because of Mike's eyes. He's about to make the catch, but his eyes appear to be mapping his path to the endzone already. Or maybe he drops it after all, since he took his eyes off the ball. We'll probably never know.

Here we've got some Ranger prospects that I'm not too familiar with. The only one I've really seen play is Mitch Moreland who did a good job at first in the last portion of the regular season and in the playoffs. We'll see what he can do with a chance for a full season this year.

Cam also sent a few shiny Cowboys including my favorite current Cowboy Jason Witten. I really hope the Cowboys can turn it around this year, assuming there is going to be a this year!

These 3 guys are former Rangers. Well, for now anyway, Michael is still a Ranger, but we'll see. Personally I hope he stays.

Another Witten and a couple of Romos. I really like the Magic cards this year, though I bought only 1 pack. For some reason I just wasn't really into football cards this season. Maybe it was because the Cowboys sucked.

The last 5 cards are all 2011 Topps featuring the defending AL Champion Texas Rangers. Man, that still sounds kinda weird! Hopefully they'll be able to put together another great season and make it back to the World Series again. We can only hope, right? Thanks for the newest batch of cards Cameron. I owe ya. Later.

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