Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sportlots "Pack" #2

I don't go to my local card store all that often and even when I do, they don't tend to have much new in the way of basketball packs. I've never even seen a pack of Absolute Memorabilia or Crown Royale in person, but thanks to the greatness of Sportlots I recently picked up a "pack" of each.

The Absolute pack contained a Birdman, KLove, Aaron Brooks and the remaining Mavs from the set besides Dirk, which I already had. I also got a Monta Ellis Stargazing insert. I really like this insert set, though I wish the player was larger and filled more of the space. But then where would you put the swatch on the relic parallel, right?
Crown Royale was one of my favorite sets from last year. I really like the gaudiness of the design with the foil crown and the checkered background. The use of team color also makes the cards look great even if it goes against Panini's usual design trend. The only one I had though was Dirk, so I went for the rest of the Mavs and a few other favorites. I hope Panini brings this set back again this year, though I wish it was priced better. If it was, I might actually grab a pack, if not, there's always Sportlots. Later.

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