Wednesday, March 23, 2011

NBA Sticker Explosion!

Panini catches a lot of flak for some of their card designs, but if there is one thing they seem to know how to do right it’s sticker albums. Panini recently released their NBA sticker album, so Nobie snatched one up as soon as he could. The stickers come 8 to a pack for $1. Here are 5 packs for your viewing pleasure.

Pack 1 starts off with a shiny Amar’e. Each team features one player on a foil sticker. The next 4 stickers are the base player stickers, Martin, Stuckey, Westbrook and our first Mav Roddy B. The Gallinari is an example of the one per team “international” player sticker. I put “international” in quotes because some teams feature a guy from the U.S., Lebron for example. I’m not sure he counts as an “international” player. The last 2 are rookie stickers. These go in the back of the book in the draft picks section.

Pack 2 gave us base stickers of McDyess, Ridnour, Billups, Anthony and Stuckey again. Avery Bradley is the rookie and Andres Nocioni the “international” player. The Rockets sticker is interesting. These are actually fabric stickers split into 3 parts. The large logo goes on the team page and the jerseys go in the front of the book for a division breakdown. The smaller logo, according to the instruction in the album, is for you to stick on binders, lunch boxes, dressers or wherever else you may want.

Pack 3 includes base stickers for Arthur, Maggette, Brewer, Hill, Bell & Billups again. We also got another Demarcus Cousins and a Darko “international”.

Pack 4 had base of West, Butler, Griffin, Bayless and Belinelli. The Aaron Brooks is a Team/League Leaders sticker. There is usually one of these per team page as well. The NBA Europe Live sticker commemorates the NBA’s trip to Europe this year, there is a page for these in the back. We also got another Nocioni.

The last pack was the best because we got FOIL DIRK! There were also base Bosh, Krstic & Hill and 2 Leaders stickers of Williams and Duncan. The Kobe sticker goes into a 2 page spread featuring Kobe’s many finals appearances and we wrap it all up with an “international” Varejao.

I plan on putting up a want/trade list for this album soon, so if any of you out there are also collecting these things (Madding??), let me know and maybe we can swap a few. I’ll also always welcome any Mavs or other players we collect, if you’ve got doubles to spare. I highly recommend picking one of these up if you like hoops at all. Like I said earlier, Panini knows what they’re doing with these things. Later.


  1. I just started buying/collecting these stickers as well so I'm sure I'll have some to trade as well. Check me out over @

  2. I think I'm going to pick up a box on Thursday to break Friday on my day off, so I should have some extras.

  3. I have an album but i have no one to trade with. I am looking for people to trade with. If anyone is still trading or knows of a website where i can find others to trade with please let me know. I wanna finish my album.