Friday, March 25, 2011

In Your Face! Sportlots "Pack" 3

Here's another intense installment of Sportlots custom "packs". It just so happened that this particular seller had several cards of interest with a little more action than usual. They are mostly inserts from recent sets.

I picked out these 2 Jam Masters cards for Nobie's player collection. I didn't actually know what they looked like (due to no photos on Sportlots) before I ordered them, but I must say I was pretty pleased. These are actually really cool and unlike most of Panini's inserts they are designed without auto & relic parallels in mind. See, they can do it!

This Rejected! set comes from Upper Deck First Edition last year. Being a big man myself, I love a good swat as much as anyone. While Damp and Birdman both are capable of their fair share of blocks, they are on opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to the flair in which they do it. I don't think Dampier and flair have ever been used in the same sentence before.

Pau is a great all around player. He could be featured in both of the above sets. See, I've got proof. He can dunk and block shots. It seems Panini and Upper Deck had the same idea for their inserts, here they are just reversed with the Slam Dunk set from UD First Edition and the Block Party set from Panini.

These next 2 cards feature JET about to shoot a 3 in your eye also from UD First Edition and AK47 swattin' the shot of some poor Warrior fool. I could probably do some research and find out who that is, but why bother. It's the Warriors. (I think it might actually be Cliff Robinson, but again, who cares?)

The last 2 cards are the most action packed of all! Okay, so not really, but they came from the same seller and order, so I included them. David Lee lookin' like he's about to jump over some sort of steeplechase obstacle and Aaron Brooks posing for his junior high bball team photo. Something about his jersey looks oversized to me just like they all seem to be in jr high. So, there you have it, another fresh "pack" from Sportlots. Later.

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  1. Dang the design of those is pretty busy. It has a 90's parachute pants feel to it.