Saturday, August 13, 2011

EPL Kickoff! Big D Custom Soccer

I thought I'd kickoff the soccer season with some fresh customs. Since my man Guy has no team playing to root for today, I'll start with his Everton squad.

First up is USA goalkeeper extraordinaire, Tim Howard.

Next, is pretty boy Mikel Arteta. I think Guy is gonna name his son after this fella if he gets the chance.

For those of you who don't like pretty boys, here is his hot wife instead.

One of Guy's other favorite players is Marouane Fellaini. Whoops, I got my photos mixed up...

here we go, this is the right one.

Captain Canuck is also an avid EPL fan. His favorite team is ManUre. Oops, sorry just a little typo there. ManUtd is his favorite. My bad.

Rio seems like he's been around forever. I miss his braids.

Maybe once Rooney's hair transplant is all grown in, he'll get braids instead.

Nani likes to go by one name and pretend he's from Brazil. He's really from Portugal.

Last buy certainly not least are my Magpies of Newcastle!

Ben Arfa missed almost all of last season due to a double fracture in his leg. I expect great things from him this season.

Even though the back of his jersey says Jonas, he is not the fourth Jonas brother. Jonas is actually his first name as in Jonas Gutierrez.

The final Toon player here is Joey Barton who has done his darndest to get himself shipped out of Newcastle lately, but for now he'll remain on Tyneside.

So, there you go. Are you in the mood for a little association football now? Later.


  1. Brilliant!

    when can I expect my packs?

  2. Howard - classic.
    Arteta - love that you used the pink alternate jersey, even if you think he's a pretty boy.
    Fellaini - still a badass.

    And for your Joey Barton......

    I'm sorry you had to see that fish out of water today, sorry to see him flop like that. Really, even the booth guys called it shameful. I watched the whole game. Funny how both games I watched today ended up being 0-0 draws. If it wasn't for the Barton flop, I'd have had no action to watch at all.

  3. Flop, what flop! He got punched in the face, didn't you see him trying to tell everyone the whole rest of the game? Yeah, he's pretty bad sometimes. He's the kinda guy you like/tolerate on your own team, but would absolutely hate if he were your opponent. Like you said, though, that was about all the action in that game.

  4. You know, Everton is like that. We have a lot of guys who tend to get....'dirty' when they think the ref isn't looking. Fellaini and Arteta both have taken their fair share of cheap shots. Neville gets a bit hot headed. And Howard, well he's never happy in a game.

    But I like having those guys on my team. They know they're not the most talented on the pitch, so they find ways to gut out wins. Albeit unorthodox ways.

    Love the look of this though.

  5. I've just never gotten into soccer (or real football according to most of the world), but these cards are fantastic.

    Remind me again why you don't work for Panini?

  6. I'm not into soccer, but I like the Hot Wife insert set!

  7. Man, these are awesome looking customs! Great job! Love the insert idea. You should do others.