Tuesday, February 16, 2010

2010 Topps Baseball Box Break

So Nobie and I decided we would build Topps' 2010 Baseball set. This is the first Topps base set we have ever attempted to build so we're looking forward to it. We had bought quite a few packs from various Walmarts and Targets already, but decided to go for a hobby box. The box itself gave us 251 of the 330 base cards for 76% completion with no doubles. I won't bother with showing base cards but here are the inserts we got.

We pulled 5 When They Were Young cards including a Lil' Big Papi calling his shot.

I don't recall the odds of each insert and I'm too lazy to try and read the tiny print off the chrome wrapper backs, they need to work on the legibility of their fine print. Anyway, we got 9 Turkey Reds including a Kung Fu Panda for my PC.
7 Tales of the game. Love any card of the Wizard doin' a flip and I like the Prince card as well, though I wish the claim of him hitting a BP homerun when he was 12 could be backed up with some video or some such. I'd like to see that.

The Cards My Mom Didn't Throw Out Because I Never Had Them, Except For The Originals of Ozzie, Ichiro & Soriano Which I Still Have. Whew! What an insert set title. Some nice cards since several of these are binder players for us, but we have 3 of the originals already. The older the better in this case.

Woo Hoo!! Million Card Giveaway cards. We haven't redeemed any of these yet. Kind of odd to me that they are numbered on the back. Not really very collectible once you use up the codes, at least to me.

We got 9 Legendary Lineage cards, some of these work, some don't. Not really sure of the connection on some of them, but not a bad design.

Nolan as a Ranger on a History of the Game card, of which we got 5. Some pretty interesting factoids if you take the time to actually read these.

I didn't bother scanning the regular Toppstown cards, since we got 1 per pack, but we ended up with 3 of the First Class ones. Question to all. How many Toppstown cards are there actually? I've seen checklists claiming 30 including TTT26 Kurt Suzuki, TTT27 Derrek Lee, TTT28 Joey Votto, TTT29 Alexei Ramirez and TTT30 Grady Sizemore. We've have tons of these things and have searched on ebay and haven't come across one numbered higher than 25. I'd love to get a Kurt and Alexei of these if they really do exist, but I'm beginning to wonder.

We got 7 Gold cards including Carl Crawford sliding under a spawning salmon swimming upstream...

and one black bordered card. These are pretty rare, numbered to 50 and although it's a team card of a team I don't care about, it does have Ichiro as the focal point, so I'll add it to my Ichiro collection.

Lastly, we have the Peak Performance cards. We got 10 including our 1 hit of the box, a Dennis Eckersley Jersey card. Would have been neater if it was a green or yellow swatch, but oh well. I guess that just about wraps up this break. After putting all the base cards from this box with the others we already had, we are just 32 cards short of the Series 1 base set. Please check out our Sets We're Building page listed over to the right and let us know if you can help us out. We have a bunch of doubles to trade. Later.

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  1. Derek, I have the following for you:

    184,187,190,222,225,228,231,267,and 329. If you're not collecting the gold cards, I'd take those (or the Crawford and any others you don't want).