Tuesday, February 23, 2010


We've had way more snow than usual here in Dallas this year and since I've been here over 20 years now, I hate the cold. I don't dislike winter, however, because it's basketball season and if there's one thing I love, it's Dallas Mavericks basketball. I worked out a deal with Madding from Cards on Cards to do a little swap, some Blazers & Cardinals for him and what to turned out to be an avalanche of Mavs for me! Madding tried to warn me that most of the cards were junk wax stuff, but I said "Bring it on!" There's no such thing as junk when it comes to the Mavs.

Here we've got the early years of the Hoops brand. The first year of Hoops was the last year I actually collected prior to getting back into it a year ago. This was after the Mavs had traded away Aguirre and Tarpley was up to his usual nonsense. Ro & Harper were still around, but the glory days were over and things were about to get real bad real quick.

I also got a nice mix of Topps & Upper Deck. Around this time is when the Mavs changed their green away jerseys to blue. That's exactly how I felt a lot back then. What a sad state of affairs. Guys like Doug Smith, Randy White, Sean Rooks and many others rolled through here, each supposedly the next Superstar. Whatever. Randy White was even gonna be the next Mailman having also attended Louisiana Tech. Wow, who overestimated that guy?

Aw, yeah. Skybox kookiness! These were just weird back in the day, though I kinda liked them since they were so different. Over the years I thought Skybox had a lot of nice designs, though they also had a lot of not so nice ones. I wish Fleer/Skybox would make a comeback. They should at least hire all of their designers at Panini. They need the help!

Speaking of Fleer, here is some early '90s Fleer. The blue & red set from '91 was one of the last sets I tried to put together. I think I completed it, but I'm not sure. They are all out of order now. I guess I should see what I still need and get it done. Needless to say the cards Madding sent me have almost no value except for a diehard Mavs fan like me. That's okay though, I'm glad to take them off his hands.
The Mavericks are much better off these days and with the recent acquisition of Butler & Haywood, things are looking great right now. Speaking of the trade with Washington, man they got a raw deal. Josh Howard is now out for the season with a torn ACL. I hope he comes back and has a nice rest of his career. I always liked him while he was here though he did have his share of boneheaded moments. He was a lot like Mark Aguirre back in the day, everyone around here was just fed up with him and ready to see him go. It's a shame really, we all thought he was gonna be a superstar a few years ago. Just like Randy White, Doug Smith, Sean Rooks, etc. etc. etc. Thanks for the trade Madding. Later.


  1. Glad you liked the cards. My first live NBA game was actually a Mavs game (in Portland) where Alex English scored his 25,000th point.

  2. Mavalanche...I like it. I say good riddance to Howard. Too much pot ruins the mind.