Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What's the deal with all the Blazers fans?

I've only been doing this blog thing since the middle of last summer and originally it was pretty baseball intensive. Once basketball season got into full swing, however, it has taken over the majority of my collecting focus. Since then I've noticed an unproportionate (is that the right word?) amount of Blazers fans among the bloggers. Guy, Madding, Camclow and TJ are just a few I've met. There isn't a ton of basketball focus out there in the first place, so why so many Blazer fans? I don't get it. Anyway, these cards came from the biggest Rudy fan I know TJ from All Your Base Cards Belong To Us. I sent him a bunch of Topps Finest Blazers along with a follow up package of Lakers and Knicks (Jeez, poor TJ doesn't like any "good" teams). That's okay, we can't all be Mavs fans, I guess. TJ sent me a huge pile of Panini basketball that made a huge dent in my set building needs and also this random assortment of other cards.

Dan Uggla Turkey Red for Nobie.

Jim Palmer Commemorative Patch. These are sorta cool. This is the first one I've gotten and while it's kinda lame that they are manufactured, the idea and design is pretty cool, especially if it's a player you collect. They would be a lot neater though if the patches were authentic, but also a lot more expensive, I guess.

TJ threw in a little stack of basketball including Brad Davis, owner of the first jersey to be retired by the Mavs and probably the best mustache to ever play for them as well. Also, included were not 1, but 2 Dwight Howard jersey cards. Sweet! Those were not the best cards in the package, however. The best card was this...

Saer Sene Auto! Uh...? Who? I've seen this before here and here, but I didn't ask for this. Why would TJ do this to me? I send him a 1/1 Rudy and this is the thanks I get. Sheesh. Now I've got to figure out what to do with it. I have a feeling Saer Sene may end up going the Flat Stanley route and end up traveling all across the country. Look out, he may be appearing on your blog soon. Later.


  1. Haha I hope to someday get my hands on one of those wacky Senes.

  2. SSSSHHHH! Don't tell anyone I collect the Lakers! I'll get kicked out of Portland!

  3. Ha ha. You got the Saer Flair. The Sene Sin. Only Topps could bring you turd compressed into foil.

  4. You'll come to your senses soon and start rooting for the red & black!

  5. Wow, I got two Deron Williams jerseys from the same exact sets as those Howards from Shot Not Taken not long ago. Even eerier, I posted them in the same post as the Shin-Soo Choo Sweet Spot card you sent. :o