Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Trade with CamClow

I got an email from Cameron of Cardboard Heaven a while back offering a variety of cards many of which were "hits". I told him I was interested in trading, but wasn't sure I had any equal value to trade. He said not to worry about it for now, he'd just send me some other stuff just for kicks. This is what we got.

A few football cards for Goose and I including a Champ refractor and a couple of Wittens I didn't have yet. Being that we live in the Cowboys back yard, it's hard to find any Cowboys cards that aren't over priced. Too bad the Cowboys couldn't get further in the post season than they did, though at least we beat the Super Bowl champs!

Cameron also included a big batch of catchers. I really like the Topps Gallery Mauer. That's a line of cards I'd like to see make a comeback. Topps needs to slim down on their retro sets in my opinion and Gallery would be a cool replacement.

Nobie picked up a nice Soriano bat card and an x-fractor as well as several other Cubbies.

Cameron included these Mariners for some reason with a note that said 2010 West Division Champs. Yeah, right...

these are the 2010 West Champs! Can't wait for the season to get started. Get this cold weather out of here, I'm ready for some sun at the Ballpark. Thanks for the cards Cam and good luck with the Mariners this year. Later.

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