Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cardboard Heaven Delivers.

Once again, I'm behind on trade posts so this will be short and sweet. Cameron from Cardboard Heaven contacted me and we set up a little trade. I honestly can't remember exactly what I sent him, but I know it included some Trailblazers, I think. Oh yeah, I believe he is also now the proud owner of Sene. So here's what we got in return.

Rangers, heavy on the Salty. I sure hope Salty is over his "dead arm" or whatever it was that ailed him last season. If he should go down again, there is no Pudge this time to call to the rescue. Josh Hamilton hurt his shoulder again the other day. Hopefully its nothing serious. I would hate for his work this year to consist of him gathering balls from batting practice or whatever it is that he is doing on that card.

Nobie got some Cubs as well, though I guess I should have put the Byrd card with these. I hope the Rangers don't end up regretting letting him get away.

Goose scored a few of his favorite football stars. I love it when the Broncos wear the orange jerseys. They need to switch back to those full time. Bring back the Orange Crush!

Lastly, Cam sent a nice group of Cowboys including one of Mike Jenkins running with the Bulls. The chrome Pro Bowl Witten is one I didn't have already and the Future Franchise Tashard Choice is a pretty cool insert from a low level set. I'm not sure Mr. Choice is the Future of the Franchise, but he's a good back to have in the rotation for sure. I want to thank Cameron for the nice cards and apologize for the Sene. I'm sure you'll figure out something to do with him. Later.

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