Monday, March 1, 2010

Okay, Call Us Crazy!

Nobie and I have a new set to chase. You may or may not have seen these around yet, but they are Panini's new basketball card game Adrenalyn XL. I'm not totally sure why, but we've become a little obsessed with these, I guess because they are fairly cheap and we both like the design. In fact, I dare say, this is Panini's best looking set of the year. Its quite colorful and there are 4 variations of the base card and that is all.

The only problem is, we are not quite sure which of the variations is which. They are all very similar and there is nothing on the card that tells you.

The cards aren't even numbered. The numbers on the front are used to play the game and the backs are all they same. They look like this.

Just a code to use online. It would have been nice if they put some stats in the empty space above the Panini logo. There are 450 cards in the set and we were wondering how we were going to keep track until we ran across this handy item.

For a mere $6 we picked up this binder which holds all 450 cards. It came with the game board, 4 packs of cards and, check it out...

inside the front and back cover is a checklist, so now we're in business. I still wish the cards were numbered, it would be a lot easier to make a want list, that's for sure. At the bottom is a little key that tells you which players have variation cards, but it doesn't really clarify which is which. We'll have to figure it out due to process of elimination as we collect the set. So there you go, we are off on a possibly futile and silly quest, but hopefully a fun one. If you happened to have picked some of these up and now regret it, you know where to send them. Later.

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