Sunday, March 21, 2010

John Gets Us Closer

One of our former trading partners, John, sent us an email saying he had some cards for us from our 2010 Topps list. He also said he had a nice Mavs card and wanted to know if I was interested. Yes, of course, I said. All we had to do was sent some 2010 Topps that he needed in return. Nice and easy. This is what we got.

John hooked us up with 4 base cards and 5 gold Toppstowns. The 2 Toppstown sets are the only complete inserts we are worrying about. Nobie and I decided we would just pick our favorites from the other sets. Then there is the matter of the Mavs card John thought I might want.

Check it out! A nice triple relic of 3 of my all-time favorite Mavs. Dirk, Fin and Nash. I still can't believe we didn't win a title with these three guys against the damn Heat. We had them down practically 3 games to none! Major meltdown. Oh well, what are you gonna do? Can't bitch about it forever. I like the card anyway and I'm glad all three letters are the same color. It really bugs me when the letters are different. Just a weird pet peeve of mine. Anyway, thanks for the trade John, we're almost there. Later.

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