Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hoopin' It Up With TJ!

Fellow hoops fan TJ sent me a package a little while ago that got me a little closer to completing the last (for now) Topps basketball set. I hate to see Topps left out of the basketball market becaue their photography blows anything Panini has done out of the water.

The 4 cards TJ sent leaves me with 11 left to finish the set. I really like the occasional usage of non-game shots like the one here of Richard Hamilton autographing a shoe.

TJ also sent a smattering of Mavs, most of which are no longer Mavs, but that's okay. Glad to have them anyway and it's always nice to add a new Schrempf to the collection.

While Paninis base set could you some help in the area of its photography, the inserts often are much better. This Block Party card of Dwight Howard for example, has a really nice shot of Superman pinning one against the glass. They obviously have some nice shots available, hopefully, we'll begin to see more of them in their products.

Rounding out the package were a few Rangers. I am anxiously awaiting opening day, though I'm bummed I wasn't able to get tickets. The kids had their hearts set on being pulled from school to attend the game, but I guess it wasn't meant to be. Nobie said, "It's okay though Dad, you can just take us to the Thursday day game instead! It doesn't have to be the opener, I just want to skip school to go to a baseball game!" Alrighty then, sounds like a plan to me. Thanks, TJ, for the great cards and putting me ever so close to getting this set done. Later.

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  1. One thing I learned about having kids is they don't really care what the occasion is, they just want to skip school. Things never change.