Saturday, March 6, 2010

I Still Can't Believe It!

Before I know it this blog will hit the 1 year mark (sometime this summer) and I still marvel at the generosity of total strangers. Peterson from Sign Here... and Here sent me an email saying he had some cards to send to all of us, were we interested. I said, of course, though I don't know what I can offer in return. I guess he didn't care, cause he sent them anyway. He even scored brownie point with my wife since he sent a separate package for each of the kids and me, each labeled with our name on a little slip of yellow paper. The wife said it was "cute". Not sure if that's what you were shooting for Peterson, but yeah, you're cute.

Each of us received at least 1 "hit", an auto or relic. Baby Peas got an on card auto of Johnny Whittleman(?) who I don't remember, but it is on card so that's cool. She also scored two new relics of Marlon Byrd, a jersey and a bat along with a gold David Murphy.

Nobie received several Cubs and other favorites, including 3 relics: 2 Sorianos ( 1 bat, 1 jersey) and a Lance Berkman jersey.

Goose's relic was a dual swatch of Bronco Tatum Bell. He also got several LT's that he didn't already have and a Peyton Manning.

For me Peterson send a bunch of Rangers and some other favorites. I even got an O-Pee-Chee Kurt that I didn't have. I really like the Juando hologram and Kinsler SPx. I got a Ranger auto as well and a Hammerin' Hank Blalock game used bat card that was I guess branded with a Rangers logo. Kinda cool. Anyway, I just want to thank Peterson for the great cards even though he had no promise of what was coming in return. Like I said, just a ton of generosity out there. I'll do my best to repay it soon. Later.


  1. believe it. and my fiance melted over a note Bud from first day issue sent me that said "good luck with the baseball season"...I don't mind cute. I just coudn't resist when everyone has their own little wantlist.
    p.s. the tought of "paying me back" is absurd. now if I harp on a card or player enough and you come through? expect more of the same in your mailbox.

  2. oh, I coach baseball and had my first scrimmage yesterday, that's why Bud's comment was so gold.