Monday, March 15, 2010

Cheese & Bling from

I love COMC. I could literally spend hours looking through their inventory and recently I did and came across 2 Elways that I wanted to add to my collection. The first is one of the cheesiest cards I own. It's a Fleer Metal which is not only ridiculously gold and foily (?) on the front but also contains a really silly write up on the back. The combination of those two features plus the fact that John is rockin' my favorite Bronco throwbacks, made this card a must have.

The second card is a Pacific Revolution and has to be the blingiest card in my collection. It's much shinier in person and has little faux diamonds all over it. It doesn't have a silly write up on the back, but if you look very closely in the sky at the top you can see a tiny little blimp. What a crazy little detail to add.
It's a shame that Pacific and Fleer don't exist anymore. Not only did they provide more competition than we have today, but they came up with some really wacky stuff at time, and I miss some of it. Elway's got so many cards, I'll never come close to getting them all, but it'll be a lot of fun to see what other kinds of zany 90's goodness I can dig up. Later.

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