Tuesday, March 16, 2010

More COMC goodness.

Along with the cheese & bling I posted about yesterday, I picked up several other basketball and football favorites. First up is this 09 Prestige Old School Mark Aguirre. Besides Dirk, Mark is my other all-time favorite Mav, but he doesn't have a lot of cards available. I've got the majority of his cards from his playing days, so I was really excited to see him included in this set.

I also picked up 3 more EX2000 cards of Reggie, Hakeem and the Mailman. I really like this set and will continue to pick up more players here and there.

The last bball card I got was a Orange Refractor of Michael Finley. I really hated it when Dallas let him go and then he ended up on the Spurs of all teams. Yuck. Now of course, he's on the Celtics which isn't much better, but oh well. I think I'm gonna make a custom card of him in a Celtic uni and send it off with some others from his Suns/Mavs/Spurs days and see if I can get them signed.

I got some more football, too. Two new Sweetness cards including one of him diving over a pile of creamsicles and one of him carrying the football "loaf of bread" style. I just know he's about to break out into some high-steppin' down the sideline.

The last two cards are of Kellen Winslow and commemorate one of the greatest games I've ever seen. He battled dehydration and exhaustion to help the Chargers defeat the Dolphins in the 1982 playoffs. Man, I loved the Chargers in those days.

Well, that's it for this installment of What I Got from COMC. Check them out yourself, if you haven't already. Later.

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  1. I check out COMC all the time...I just haven't bought anything yet. I really do want to though.