Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cards For All...

at least for everyone in our family. We recently completed a trade with new reader Cam, who happens to be an Astros fan way up in Pennsylvania. Not sure how that happens, but anyway. Cam sent us a nice package with a little something for all of us collectors in the house. Check, them out!

I received a Kurt and some Ranger standouts. There were also bighead and trapped in a tv Ichiros and a nice Pujols heritage, all of which were new to me.

For Goose, Cam sent some Broncos, a couple Fitzgeralds and Gatorade's second greatest spokesman, Peyton Manning.

I imagine since Cam is an Astros fan he had at least a couple doubles of Berkman to send to Nobie along with some HanRams and Vladys. I like these PowerUp cards for some reason. Kinda like a bobble head on a card, they're fun.

Last, but certainly not least, Baby Peas received some mascots, both major and minor a few of her favorites, Murphy and Byrd. Thanks for the great cards Cam. By the way, Cam was one of my contest winners and he will soon be receiving his very own BigD Custom Hunter Pence card. I promise it will be mailed soon Cam! I just gotta get it all assembled and dropped in the mailbox. Later.


  1. The Lancaster Barnstormers! They're practically in my backyard!

  2. Really, First and Goal? Do you live in Lancaster?

  3. Is that Lancaster PA or NY? I live in WNY.

    Those mascot cards are really cool.

  4. Oh. This is PA. They just come out of the team sets. I get all the players autographs, because a lot go on to the majors. I buy 5 team sets, and they always have the mascot cards that I don't want. They get sent on here.