Wednesday, June 2, 2010

For Purple Mountain Majesties

The Rockies bug me. Not so much the franchise as a whole, just their unis color scheme. When MLB expanded a few years back and added the 4 newest franchises, it was a chance to expand the leagues color palette as a whole. The Rockies picked Purple/Silver/Black as their combo. This was cool, since no other existing team used purple at the time. The Diamondbacks used purple as well, if I remember correctly, which didn't make much sense since rattlesnakes are seldom if ever purple. Purple for the Rockies though made perfect sense, remember the song America the Beautiful? It includes this line, "For purple mountain majesties Above the fruited plain!" See, it fits. Apparently the franchise doesn't' think so though, because this is what they sport these days.

Besides the stupid two-tone helmet almost no purple here...

or here...

and certainly not here where Troy is sporting the dumbest combo of all, in my opinion. WTF is the point of wearing an undershirt the same color as your vest. Just wear a black jersey for crying out loud. Whose idea of a nice look was this? I guess in Colorado they must sing the lyrics as, "For black mountain majesties Above the fruited plain!" I don't get it, so guess what? That's right, I can do better, so I did! Check it out.

The Rockies in Purple...


and more Purple, with undershirts that are a different color than the vest. What a novel concept! Maybe Prince will buy them sometime soon and get this problem fixed for real. Later.


  1. I never wanted to be your weekend lover...only wanted to be some kind of friend....yeah.

    Hmmm. See, Prince's lyrics from Purple Rain just doesn't fit here. Kind of creepy actually. But Purple Rain is a great song...great album really.

    Sorry for sullying up your post with some weird '80s lyrics between dudes. But hey, you brought up Prince first...

  2. They do wear the purple alternate tops, but yeah, these look better than the current on-field product.

  3. Custom unis now too! You rock. I tried to go to Duane's today but they weren't open yet.