Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Keeping the Adrenalyn Pumping!

Nobie and I have sent out on what may be an impossible task of collecting all 600 cards in Panini's Adrenlyn XL set. I've mentioned before that, personally I think this is their best base card design this year, if nothing else, they are very colorful. I don't know if we'll ever finish it since there are quite a few variations to collect, but thanks to reader Keith we are 32 cards closer. We have tons of doubles, so we sent some he needed and he returned the favor.

Keith sent 25 base cards and 8 variations.

We got 4 "special" cards, 2 "extras" and 1 "extra signature". The only variation we didn't get was an "ultimate" which are the rarest. Those will most likely keep us from ever completing the set as the ones I've seen on ebay go for around $25 usually. Anyway, thanks Keith for helping us get a little closer. If anyone else out there has some of these they need to get rid of (especially the All Star Game packs), let me know and I can email you a list of our needs. The dumb cards aren't numbered so it's a bit of a pain keeping track, which is why they aren't listed on the blog. Later.


  1. Dollar Tree sells those packs (at least in my area) but they also sell the game board/rules/whatever it is. Since those come with 2 cards themselves and those cards are visible, it might be a way to knock off one or two of the particularly difficult cards to find. I've seen the "shiny" cards in those things before.

  2. madding - Thanks for the tip. I've bought packs at Dollar Tree but haven't noticed the visible cards on the boards. I'll have to check it out more closely.

  3. The reason these are so good looking is that there aren't any relic cards so you don't have big patches of empty space designed into the cards.