Sunday, June 27, 2010

2010 Topps Series 2 Box Break

Well, it's been awhile since we opened this box, but I figured I'd show it off in case anyone sees something they need. I've posted our want lists for Series 2 under the Sets We're Building button.

8 Gold parallel cards. All are for trade, but the Cruz.

9 Turkey Reds. Nobie wants to collect the set, so we'll keep all of these. I don't have a want list for these yet, but this is all we have so far so we need the rest.

10 Yo Momma cards. We're gonna keep the Banks, Bench, Gwynn, Smith & Pujols/Ichiro. The rest can be had.

9 Vintage Legends. These are a kinda neat idea, though they are a little too much like the Yo Momma cards. I think we have 3 of the Honus card already between this box and a few random packs. We'll keep the Ozzie, anything else is for trade.

6 History of the World Series. Need 'em?

10 Peak Performance. We're collecting the set. Check our want list.

8 Legendary Lineage.

I don't remember why I only scanned in 9 of the Toppstown Attax cards. We got a lot more, maybe the rest where doubles. Anyway, they ruined these cards in my opinion by putting the stupid code on the front. They aren't an awesome design anyway, but the code doesn't help. It should be on the back. They did the same thing with the Opening Day Toppstown cards and also ruined what was actually an pretty cool design in that set. Why didn't they put the codes on the back like the Series 1 Toppstown cards? One other thing about these cards. They aren't numbered which is a pain. That and I still don't have a Kurt Suzuki even though we have most everyone else including many doubles. Anyone have an extra to spare, if it even exists?

We also got 1 You Sketch It card and 1 Red Hot Rookie Redemption. Maybe #7 will be that kid who plays in D.C., though Nobie would be happy with a Starlin Castro, too.

We got 6 of the 2020 cards and both Nobie and I really like these, so we're going for the set. We have doubles of Mauer, McCutchen & Jimenez from other packs if anyone wants to trade. Check out our want list.

And here is the box hit. An auto of Howie Kendrick. This is up for trade as well, as we are not much of Angels fans in this house. If you see anything you need let me know. Don't forget to check our want list for base card needs as well. Later.


  1. I got a 2020 David Wright Card and some Rangers/Cowboys cards to send you. I think you're sending me a Sergio Kindle RC, but I'd like to get my hands on your 2020 McCutchen. Maybe you could set that aside for me and we can work out another trade.

  2. I will have a look for your needs list.

    I could use the Sisler and Hornsby 'Vintage Legends' as well as the Molitor 'HOTWS'.

  3. I could use the Emilio B. Gold Card, the extra 2020s, the History of the World Series cards, and the Yo Mommas you don't want. I can check your want lists later so we can trade.

  4. Camclow, Tunguska & Cam - I will set those cards aside for you guys.