Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cowboy Up! Press Pass 8 Seconds Box Break

A few weeks ago Nobie and I ripped a few packs of Press Pass PBR 8 Seconds cards. He liked them so much, that he told me he wanted to collect the set and asked if we could buy a box. I told him I'd think about it. Well, guess what we did. That's right, we bought a box and got to rippin'! The box contained 24 packs with 5 cards per pack. Let's check out the cards, shall we?

This is what the base rider cards look like. I picked these 3 because of their awesome names. We've got a Tater, a Skeeter and a guy with either the best or worst last name for a bull rider, Dirteater! I can't decided if that's cool or unfortunate.

This is what the backs look like. A nice full bleed shot with a short bio and injury info. Apparently Tater and Dirteater are tougher than Skeeter. He wears a hockey mask. What a wuss!

The Bulls' cards were Nobie's favorites from the start. Here we have 3 of the most colorfully named bulls. I'm A Gangster AKA Uncle Buck, Booger Butt and Scene of the Crash. I think I'll steer clear of 'ol Booger Butt especially. Nasty!

One of the insert sets is called Spur Crazy. They are nice and shiny and embossed, but they don't scan well. The fronts show the riders in the middle of their 8 second ride and the backs show them shortly after. Looks like a couple of the guys lost their hats!

The Belt Buckle cards are a little more rare, we only got 2. They are also shiny and embossed, but look much better in person. I'd like to get all 10 of these, but not sure if anyone else on earth even collects them. Now on to the hits!

The box promised 3 relic and 3 autos and that's what we got. We got a rider shirt swatch, a rider hat swatch and a bull fighter jersey swatch. The neat thing about these relic cards is that on the back it shows the article of clothing that the swatch came from or at least where they want you to think it came from. Even if it's not the exact item, it still makes for a nice looking back to the card.

Besides the 3 relics we got the 3 promised autos, 1 black and 2 slightly more rare #'d to 75 blue ones. We got an auto of Joe Baumgartner to go with the relic of his jersey so now all we need is his rookie card for the trifecta! We didn't pull any of the biggest names in the set, but it was still pretty cool to get 3 ON CARD autos! We ended up with a whole set of base cards (100) and the advertised 6 hits. Too bad all boxes don't get you 6 hits for $35! All in all it was a pretty cool box to open. All we've got to do now is track down the rest of the Spur Crazy and Belt Buckle inserts and we'll be all set. Later.


  1. I almost bought a box of these the other day and decided t pick up some crap UD something-or-other instead. I see now, I should have gone for the gold. I may still snag a box after reading this. If I get any buckles you need, I'll let ya know!

  2. Wow...I'm waiting for the first Big D PBR custom card. You know you've got one in you!

  3. I like it when they show where the piece came from. I have some game used cards that are even game-dated (LT game used ball), which I like because you can look up how he did that day and know that the ball came from a game where he rushed for this many yards and what not. I think they should do that more often, but they probably don't want you to know that your game used bat card is from a game when the guy went 0-4 with 3K's.

  4. Wow, those belt buckle cards look really sweet.