Wednesday, May 5, 2010

2009-10 Panini Classics Basketball

I was looking for something new in Target the other day and spotted these. The nice looking wrapper says we'll get 5 cards for our $3 with a chance for a Kobe on-card auto. Let's see what we got.

Here you can see the base cards. I like the border design and choice of colors in this set. It doesn't bother me that they are all the same like it has in some of their other releases. What I don't really care for is the use of a white gradient, again! I think they would look better if they just had a complete border. By now you've also probably noticed these poor guys are once again Cut Off At The Junk! I just don't get it. NBA players have legs. All of them. Let's see some legs please! Everyone in their Adrenalyn set is shown with legs, why can't they do it on another set?

Here is the back of a base card. A nice little head shot and write-up followed with some teeny-tiny stats. Typical stuff. Nothing special, but not bad either. So, there you have it, the first five cards in the pack. But wait, did he say FIRST five? There's only supposed to be five cards total. That's true, my friend, but we got a sixth! That's right, a bonus! A pretty nice bonus I think, check it out.

Sweet! Jersey card of the NBA's youngest scoring champ ever, Kevin Durant. We got his base and this card in the same pack and even though I didn't show the front of his base, it looks just like this without the swatch and words Timeless Threads at the bottom. From what little I've seen of this set, I like it quite a bit, it might even be my favorite design of theirs other than the Adrenalyn cards. I still think Panini should include more than 5 cards per pack for $3, especially retail, but I can't really complain about this pack! Later.


  1. I agree that the design is actually pretty nice. And sweet pull from a retail pack! Durant has the makings to be something special (if he's not already).

  2. Durant looks like his junk is being censored.