Monday, May 17, 2010

Welcome Back To The Show!

As I'm sure all of you are aware, my Texas Rangers have some money issues. I wish they'd get it all settled soon, not only so we won't have to hear about it around here anymore, but so they can afford to get/keep players who could be useful. I think Hank Blalock is one of those guys who would have been useful around here this season. The Rangers didn't resign him and it didn't look like anyone would for some reason until the Rays invited him to Spring Training. He started the season tearing it up for Durham and now the Rays have decided they need him in the big leagues. I made a card to commemorate his promotion. Notice he's playing first base.

Any of you been keeping track of the Rangers first base hitters this year? Chris Davis started the season and blew, now Justin Smoak is playing there and doing okay at best. We also had Ryan Garko who is now gone, but did nothing while he was here. I think Hank may have been a better choice than all these guys, plus he could fill in at third on occasion if something were to happen to Michael Young. I have no idea who they'd put there now. Now, I know Hank is no All-Star or anything, but I really think he'd be useful here (along with Marlon Byrd) had the Rangers managed to keep him. Problem is there's no money to be had and what little the Rangers had in the off season went to Vlad (I'm fine with that) and Rich Harden (Lord, help us if he doesn't get better!). If we were the Yankees, we could have kept the old guys and gotten new ones. Man I hate the Yankees! Hopefully the Rangers will get this whole ownership mess straightened up soon and we can begin building a winner for the long haul. Anway, congrats Hank, hope you stick around for awhile. Later.


  1. I hope Hank makes the best of this opportunity. I'm not sure the Rangers ownership issues are going to be worked out anytime soon. I think it's going to be done through the courts.

    As always, another sweet custom!

  2. Great card BigD! Another great job. And I'm in total agreement about the Yankees too!