Sunday, May 9, 2010

My First TTM Experience!

About a month or two ago I decided to try something I have seen many other people have success with. I sent some cards through the mail to one of my favorite players, Michael Finley.

He had just recently signed with the Celtics so I thought he might be kinda light on fan mail there and decided to send him a package. Well, a few days ago I got a package in the mail for me from me. Ooh, exciting! I knew what it was right away.
These are the cards as they appeared before I mailed them. I sent one of his college days at Wisconsin and one from each of his NBA teams, Suns, Mavs, Spurs & Celtics. There are no cards of him in a Celtic uniform, so I sent a Big D custom. Wanna see how they look now?

No, I did not repeat the wrong photo. Michael just signs in invisible ink. What the heck? He snubbed me? Surely not. What a minute, there was something else in the envelope, a small strip of paper.

You have got to be kidding me! First of all, don't call me a Celtics fan. I'm a Mavs Fan For Life and a Michael Finley fan, but I don't root for no Celtics. Secondly, too many requests? I don't believe it. Now I don't doubt KG, Jesus Shuttlesworth and the rest of the established Celtics get all kinds of auto requests, but my man Finley is brand new to the team. How much mail can he be getting there already! Man this sucks. They could at least give him the package and let him do with it what he wants. I even included 2 Big D customs so that he could keep one for himself and guess what, I got both back. Stinkin' interns or leprechauns or whoever answers the Celtic mail. Now I need a new plan. Later.


  1. dude. that sucks.

    ttm is tough... especially from Canada, so i just stick to retired players.

  2. Ouch dude!

    The TTM battle is a difficult one...I'm 1-4 with my only 1 being Pat Neshek, who notoriously (yet awesomely) signs everything.

  3. Go Celtics!!! is kind of a jerk.

  4. madding!! lol! Go Celtics IS A JERK. Sorry about that bad experience D, don't let it keep you from trying others though.

  5. That is pretty low. I have to wonder how many little kids send fan letters or autograph requests that never get delivered due to front offices like that. Jerks indeed.