Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Remember When Baseball Cards Came In Cereal Boxes?

I love Frosted Flakes and baseball cards. When I was a kid, the best time of the year cereal wise was when Kellogg's put those 3D Superstars cards inside. I still have a complete set from some year that I mailed away for somewhere. I just wish they didn't curl up. Anyway, if I'm ever able to start my own company, I'll hook up with Kellogg's and maybe put out something like this.

I wonder if the Topps exclusive pertains to cereal. Later.


  1. Too Cool. Listen to him, Kellogg's!

  2. I do remember those days. I was just thinking about those Post cereal cards this weekend while I was at the grocery store... my grandpa would always get the sets for me! Totally unlicensed... totally awesome!

    I wish cards would come in EVERYTHING again!

  3. My dad showed me all of his old cards last time I was home, and he has a few sets of these. Unfortunately, like you said, they are curled up beyond belief.

  4. Like Joe, the first thing to pop into my head was the Post sets.

    I wish they would put them in other breakfast products.

    Maybe into poptarts or waffles?

  5. That makes me want some Big D Flakes!