Thursday, May 13, 2010

Time To Make Hay and some Big D Customs

Well the Rangers have a 2 game lead over the A's after winning the weekend series with their division rivals. 2 of the 3 games went extra innings including today's low scoring 2-1 victory. I hope Brian's kids had a good time, even with the lack of runs. Our family was at the 10-1 blowout Wednesday night and it was a blast. We even ended up scoring an Elvis bobblehead which we had missed out on a few weeks ago. Like they say, it's all about connections!

Speaking of connections (get ready for the cheesy segue way) not many guys are having any luck against C.J. Wilson's pitches. He and the rest of the pitching staff are a big reason the Rangers are in first and have won 7 of their last 10. Many people around here weren't sure about taking C.J. out of the bullpen and putting him in the rotation, but so far so good. In fact he's so good now, my wife wants to add a C.J. Wilson shirt to her rotation. Great, more money to the Rangers. Maybe we can help them get back in the black!

While the pitching has been much better, the Rangers offense has been a little down so far this season with guys like Michael Young hitting "only" .282. I'm not worried about him though, I'm confident he'll be back over .300 in no time. You can tell he's a good hitter by how much time he spends choosing a bat. Look at those wheels turning as he ponders his selection, so intense. One of the biggest worries offensively has been which Josh Hamilton was going to show up this season.

After a fairly slow April hitting .265 with only 3 homers in 22 games, Josh has been on a tear so far in May upping his average to .321 for the month with 4 home runs in just 12 games. It's been nice that Josh has come around while Nellie Cruz has been on the DL. The Great Hambino knocked another one out onto Greene's Hill while we were there the other night. It doesn't matter how many times I see it, it just doesn't get any better than watching the kids scramble for the loose ball in the grass while fireworks and the theme from The Natural plays as a Ranger rounds the bases. Even Josh daydreams about it. Check out his card! Okay, so we're 2 up with 127 to go. Time to make some hay! Go Rangers! Later.


  1. Derek, you need to start your own card company, get a license and put Topps out of business. I love these. We did have fun even though it was hot. I'm trying to put together a post for Friday. Great work buddy!

  2. Hey D, I've been taking some graphic design courses, mostly stuff like laying out magazine spreads, but it's a growing interest of mine. I'm curious what software you use. Adobe?

  3. cam - Yes, I use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

  4. Hey, man. Care to trade a custom card or two? If you're interested, hit me up at topher [at] designyouridentity [dot] com.


  5. I should be able to send out your package tomorrow. All I need is your address! Thanks!