Thursday, May 6, 2010

2010 Press Pass Eclipse

With very little new baseball or other "stick and ball sports" cards coming out lately, we've been trying out a little bit of everything. Here is our second NASCAR pack we've recently picked up. It's 2010 Press Pass Eclipse, subtitle: The Art of Speed. Sounds fancy, huh? The wrapper features current and 4 time Cup champ Jimmie Johnson and his shiny trophies. Let's check out the cards inside, shall we?

These cards are something a little different at least as far as I've seen in racing cards. (That's not saying much, as I haven't ripped any racing packs for about 10 years!) It appears as though Press Pass has tried to make a UD Masterpieces type set with these cards. They are printed on a very similar textured stock that give them a slight painted on canvas look. I don't think these are actually paintings as the Masterpieces were, probably just some sort of Photoshop filter, but they look pretty nice. Each card has the set logo and other text in foil. The #43 Petty car is what appears to be a blue foil parallel. We also got Mark Martin's #5 and Greg Biffle in the #16.

Besides the 3 "rides" we got 2 driver cards. Again, just a Photoshop filter on textured paper, but these also have the driver's "signature" in foil. We got a Junior and a Happy Harvick, who doesn't look so happy here. This was obviously taken before his big win at Talladega a few weeks ago. Harvick is one of my favorite current drivers after watching him on the NASCAR 360 reality show a few years ago.

Here are the backs of the Junior and Petty cards. You can see the cards with blue foil on the front feature blue backs as well, at least this one did. All in all this seems to be a pretty neat set based solely on two card designs. The odds of pulling some of the other inserts are fairly low, but this is all we got, so that's all you get. Later.

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