Saturday, May 8, 2010

Do IOU or do UOMe?

In the less than years since I started this blog, I have made all kinds of new friends simply by completing trades. I know I don't trade nearly as often as some of you do, but it's still hard to keep up sometimes. I always try to get a post up as soon as possible but once again I've fallen behind. In an effort to catch up, I'm going to combine 3 trades into one. I hope you guys don't mind. TJ, Brian and Tim are three of my most frequent trading partners, in fact, like the title says, I can't remember who owes who what, if anything. Not that it really matters, as I'm sure we'll continue sending the little yellow envelopes back and forth whenever we get a few things built up.

Let's get to the first batch of cards from Tim at The Great Sports Name Hall of Fame.

Tim sent Nobie a nice new shiny Alfonso that he didn't already have. Nobie has become quiet the Soriano supercollector so that is quite an accomplishment by Tim!

I didn't think anyone could possibly have anymore Jake Peavys than what Tim sent in the last box, but here are a bunch more. Are you cleaned out yet?

Since I collect catchers, Tim included a few. Gotta love the 2 cards with the masks in mid-air. I think Tim McIntosh may need to sit the rest of the game out, it appears he may have some heartburn goin' on.

After I posted about some NASCAR packs recently, Tim said he had a bunch of stuff he could send my way. I said, "Whoa, hold on there a minute! I don't need a bunch of random stuff, but I'll take any Ricky Rudds you've got." So that's what he sent. Tim, I've got some Geoff Bodines headed your way!

Metal Mailman! Sweet!

Aaannd... I don't know what to say about this stuff. Thanks?

Next up was a box from Brian at Play at the Plate. He said he had a bunch of Peak Performance for our set and he'd throw in some other stuff like usual.

These are the Peak Performance we got. They made a nice dent in the want list.

These two base cards were the last two we needed to complete Series 1 and the Sorianos were Nobie's first of the season.

Brian also sent two packs of 07 Topps which came with, but were not inside, the wrappers. I guess he wanted the fun of ripping them himself, but didn't have room in his garbage can for the wrappers. That's okay Brian, they pick up twice a week here, so it's all good.

Brian also included several Stadium Club basketball cards from a couple years back...

what appears to be a few packs of 2010 Panini Classics and...

a big 'ol bunch of 2008 Fleer Basketball. I already have the entire base set, but he also included a ton of inserts. It looks close to being a full hobby box. If anyone is collecting this set and needs base cards, let me know. I've got a ton of doubles now.
The last trade package came from TJ at All Your Base Cards Belong To Us.

TJ sent a goofy Kinsler card in which he doesn't seem to realize he already has the ball in his glove. That or maybe he's just really thankful he made the catch!

We also got a few 09 Mayos. I really like the Mayo cards a lot, though we didn't buy a whole bunch of them.

The last two cards from TJ include a couple of bald guys back when they had (a little) hair. Besides their shiny noggins in common, these guys were both Olympians and played in cities where I lived and attended games of theirs in person. That is why they are both on my player collection list.
Well, it's time to wrap this one up. Hope you guys don't mind being all mashed up together. Thanks for the great cards and if IOU, they're in the mail! Later.


  1. If you have any Blazers doubles, let me know. There's a good chance I don't have them.

  2. I love the name of this post, as I don't know where we stand either. I thought I owed you when I get your stuff I guess I'll send something back hahaha.

    A few notes on your comments lol:
    1. That's all I've got for sendable Peavys. I think I have 3 left, but they're my favorite 3, so they probably won't ever leave me. No offense Nobie! (though do enjoy the of my favorite cards when I was younger).
    2. Brett Bodine is my homeboy, not Geoff (lol). But all the Bodines are cool in my book so I will give Geoff a happy home!
    3. The random sorry. I have so many weird cards that I don't have a need for...every now and then I toss some in a package and see if anything sticks.