Thursday, May 27, 2010

Major Score From First and Goal!

I got an email from a new friend a few weeks ago. It was Dave from First and Goal, whose blog I happen to read often because it's one of the few that focuses mostly on football. Dave had just posted that he was gonna get back into a little baseball by collecting Topps Pirates and was wondering if I might have a few, which I did. I packaged what I had and sent them along with a few Emmitt Smiths he needed and a few days later, BAM, return mail!

I didn't ask for anything specific in return but mentioned we have a list of what we collect on the blog. Dave must have locked into one name in particular, but that's okay, he sent a great package. Inside the package was this tin, featuring the greatest QB ever! I wasn't collecting back in 1997, but this was a pretty cool way to package cards. Originally this tin contained 5 cards, I'm assuming of various NFL players. Thanks to Dave, though, this tin was much more awesome that it was in 1997. Here's why, not 5...

not 10...

not 20...

but 30 cards, and guess what, all Elways! I think there were actually a few more, but these 30 shown I did not have. Greatness! (I apologize to any of my readers who my be Browns fans.) Thanks to Dave my Elway collection is now up to 188 cards. Good stuff, man, thanks. Later.


  1. That's what you might call a HOT pack!

  2. The way he packaged all those was really cool. They're all cool, but the Collectors Choice in the top right of the first image takes the cake for me.

    Good Stuff by Dave.

  3. Yeah, I meant to go through my whole collection and find odds and ends to meet several of your "targets", but then I just kept finding Elway after Elway after Elway, so I figured I'd just go nuts and do an Elway Exclusive.

    If you ever want more Elways or other things off your wish lists, just ask. I have a lot of football cards and will hopefully have something you'd like (I have a bunch more Elways somewhere).

    BTW, my trade post is coming, hopefully sooner than later. I just need to stop being so lazy and get them posted already!