Wednesday, August 5, 2009

1st Trade

Okay, I promised to fill you all in on my first trade so here goes the first official post. Like I mentioned before my 9yr old Nobie and I had been checking out blogs and had no idea how many there are and how entertaining and insightful they could be. One of the ones we stumbled across was Long Fly Ball to Because... which is run by our new friend Tunguska. We checked out his wantlist and saw that we had a Career Best Legends Ty Cobb that he needed. We also noticed he had a Josh Hamilton Turkey Red for trade, and being the Ranger fans that we are (they better not lose 3 in a row to the A's tonight), we proposed a trade. We swapped lists of favorite teams and players and the trade was done. You can see what we sent Tunguska on his page and here is what we got in return.

Josh Hamilton Turkey Red. Nobie loves these cards and well, it's one of our favorite Rangers. Too bad he hasn't returned to last year's form yet. Hopefully he will soon, the Rangers can't hit for squat right now. But that's not all Tunguska sent. Check it out.

A couple of chromes!! Very shiny! Jake Peavy is one of Nobie's favorite Padr.. whoops White Sox players and Chris Davis is one of my favorite uhh.. Okalahoma City Red Hawks, for now at least. Here's hopin' we get to see his awesome fielding skills and a better bat in the bigs soon. And I guess everyone has to wear the #52 jersey at some point, since Josh Hamilton is wearing it in several of his cards from this year and last. Weird.

Another Peavy rockin' the camo; Goose's (my 13yr old) fave Nellie Cruz and former Ranger Catalanotto; and an Alfonso Soriano Trading Places, Nobie's absolute favorite player. Which leads us to the crown jewel of this trade in his eyes.

Alfonso Soriano All-Star Pregame Jersey Card. Nobie let out a big ol' YESSS!! When he saw this one. Totally unexpected, and from what I've read on many other posts, you never know what you may get in your mailbox once you become a part of this trading card community. There sure seems to be lots of friendly and generous people out there and we've already been welcomed by several. Looking forward to meeting many more. That's all for now. Later.

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