Thursday, August 27, 2009

Brian is Awesome!

Wow, once again my card blogging brethren amaze me. We just got a more than expected package from new friend Brian and we don't even have anything to send back yet. You see, since I've started this blog I've noticed that certain people are kind of the go to guys for certain teams. You know, you've got a stack of cards from a team you despise or a player you can't stand or you just have too much of whatever and want to find them a happy home. Beardy gets Orioles, Chris gets Reds, David get Indians and so on and so on. Well, I wanted to be the Rangers guy, but I kinda started noticing some dude named Brian seemed to be "the man" already. So I dropped him a note asking if I could maybe pick up any scraps he may get. He said that he didn't have a lot of dupes, but if/when he did, he would set them aside for me. I told him I'd do the same. Brian then said he would send me a few cards for my boys since he probably had a few they would like laying around. Boy did he!

These are just a few of the cards he sent for Nobie. Probably three times this many were in the stack of Cubs, Sorianos and a Peavy. Even a Rich Hill jersey card which Nobie loves. I think kids love almost any jersey card they come across, no matter who it is.

Brian also sent a stack for Goose. Several Broncos cards, a bunch of Press Pass 08 rookies and 5 or so LTs, none of which he had yet. I would have scanned those, but Goose ran off with them and put them away already. He's kinda like that Scrat character in the Ice Age movies with the acorn. Good luck getting them away from him!

Brian wasn't done, however, as there was also a stack of favorites for me. Elway, Payton, Smith (Emmitt & the Wizard), Pujols, a few Rangers, some Cowboys, Ichiros and wait... can it be? It is, a mini KURT!!!! Awesome, the Kurt collection instantly grows by 33%! Man, and he told me not to send him anything. Not fair! I'll have to think of something.

I've got it! Everyone send ME all your Rangers instead and I'll pass the doubles on to Brian. ;) Sounds like a plan, doesn't it? Later.


  1. Did you say something about Orioles cards? Where?

  2. Rangers, eh?? I've got a lot of them, and I'll start setting 'em aside as I pull them, too!

  3. There are several of us Indians guys, but I'm glad to be singled out! :-) Maybe I need to send you some more Rangers soon!

  4. Glad you liked the cards and I hope your kids enjoyed getting them.

  5. I got some Rangers..... old ones too! shoot me an email!