Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Other Suzuki

I like Kurt. Kurt who, you ask? You know, Kurt, just Kurt. Like Ichiro, no last name needed. Okay, maybe not yet, but possibly one day Kurt Suzuki will be famous enough to go by just one name as well. Ichiro is one of my favorite players, but since I've just recently gotten back into collecting I realize I'll never be able to get and keep up with all the cards of him. So I've decided to collect the other Suzuki as well. Being a Rangers fan, I've gotten a chance to see Kurt in action several times and I like him as a player. That and he just seems cool to me. Also, since he's only been in the bigs for a couple of years he has a lot fewer cards to keep up with.

So if you've got any spare Kurt Suzuki cards you'd like to send my way I'd appreciate it. I don't even have one yet to start my collection with. Someday though I'll have a bunch and maybe by that time he'll be famous enough to just go by "Kurt" on his jersey. Wouldn't that be cool! Later.

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